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Game Rules
1- ride the different color trails in search of cards with trail colors. (each card will have a number from 1-100
2- retrieve only one card of each color (you don't have to have all colors to win but you must have at least 4 cards(4colors) to qualify)
3- Go back to home & pick up blank envelope and place all cards in it with your name on the envelope. Then relax & enjoy some food & refreshment.
4-House will add up the total points from your cards. The highest wins 1st place. the lowest wins second place.


There will also be some wild cards
that are instant winners of prizes


Cards may be stapled to trees, or post or fence. They may be taped to signs or other hard objects along the way.
All cards will be retrievable from horseback.
All cards will be visible from horseback.
Some cards will be more obvious than others.
You may want to ride just a short ride and pick up only 4 or 5 cards. or you may want to hit all 10 trails and increase your odds.
If you are lucky and happen to get the 4 cards with the highest numbers you could win!
Or you could aim for the low points total and win second place.
Either way you will have a fun filled day with your horse and other horse friends.
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